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About Shastri Shree Jaybhai Joshi (Sahitya Purancharya)

Shastri Shree Jaybhai Joshi was born on 5th April 1994, in Mumbai, a metropolitan city located in Maharashtra region. His parents, Shastri Shri GopalBhai Kantilal Joshi and his mother Smt. Rupalben Gopalbhai Joshi are Brahmins.

The life of Shastri Shree Gopalbhai Joshi exerted a very deep influence on the life of Jaybhai since childhood. Jaybhai would often attend his father’s religious discourses and the stories of Ramayana and Krishna Charitra delighted him and he was enthralled by these tales and listened with single minded devotion.

Although Jaybhai pursued his education with great sincerity, his heart and soul belonged to learning the scriptures and spreading the divine message. While other children played, Jaybhai spent his time immersed in religious activities.

His father, Shri Gopalbhai Joshi, a highly respected narrator of the Shrimad Bhagavat, first noticed a spark of spiritual genius in Jaybhai's character and encouraged it.

Jaybhai acquired his further spiritual knowledge under the guidance of Dr. Krishna Prasad Niraula. And at the tender age of 21, Shastri Shri Jaybhai Joshi, gave his first ever Bhagwat discourse in the city of Mumbai.

Till date, Jaybhai has done 3 Bhagwat Saptahs, 1 Maas Parayana and numerous Poojas.

In this technologically advanced era, Jaybhai is making full use of services like Skype to provide Online Pooja and Homan Services to his customers, who may be sitting in any part of this world and conducting the pooja.

His goal in life is "To be a perfect guide of Bhakti Marg by being a perfect Kathakar".





About Shastri Shree Gopalbhai Joshi

Shastri Shree Gopalbhai Joshi was born on 10th May 1968, in a small village named Dhinojsituated in Gujarat. His parents, Shri Kantilal Pranlal Joshi and his mother Smt. Shantaben Kantilal Joshi are Brahmins.

Shastriji’s Guru, Brahmalin Khadestri Maharaj, was the first who noticed a spark of spiritual genius in Shastriji's character and encouraged it. Shastriji’s interests always led him to study and practice the religious scriptures.

His faith and beliefs only grew with age. Shastriji developed a keen interest in the Shrimad Bhagavat, the Ramacharitamanas, and the Bhagavad-Gita. At the age of 23, Shastriji held his first Pooja and at age 25 he recited his first Shrimad Bhagavat Katha.

Till date, Shastriji has done 79 Kathas, 8 Bhagwat Masparayan, 5 Ram Kathas, 3 Shiv Purans, 3 Devi Bhagwat, 1 Harivansh Puran, 2 Garg Sanhita and numerous Poojas.

From ordinary beginning to great acheivements, Shastriji has been able to capture the hearts and minds of millions and enriching their lives with spirituality.

Shastriji’s has spread his wings in India as well as abroad. He has done kathas in Mumbai, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad, etc. Across the world, Shastrijihas done kathas in Fiji (Latuka, Suva, Nasuri) & Zimbabwe (Harare) and captivated audiences of all ages and communities.

Shastriji is a devotee of Shree Ramchandra and Mataji.

Using perfect logic, and a simple approach, Shastriji offers new ways of understanding and applying the knowledge of the scriptures in our daily lives.

He believes in the saying - माता   रामो   मत्पिता   रामचन्द्रः